An investment firm focused on acquiring and growing businesses run by owner-operators.

Adirondack Growth Capital takes a long-term approach to buying and building great companies. Our specialty is facilitating management transition, allowing owner-operators to exit the business or reduce their management responsibilities in conjunction with a sale.


Adirondack acquires businesses run by owner-operators seeking liquidity and the opportunity to reduce day-to-day operating responsibilities including a full exit. Companies should satisfy most of our criteria.


Adirondack's acquisition process involves jointly preparing for leadership transition and the future of the business. We want you to get comfortable with us, our approach, and our strategy.


Adirondack is an exceptional group of successful entrepreneurs, executives, and owners. We are operators with significant experience growing small- to medium-sized businesses.


Adirondack acquires and operates good businesses in great industries while providing life-changing liquidity events for owners.



Adirondack creates value by acquiring businesses run by owner-operators, facilitating successful leadership transition, cultivating productive and fun cultures, and rewarding high-performance employees. We acquire one company at a time and put forth momentous effort to grow each business and develop people.


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