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Most business owners only get one opportunity to sell a company.


We view the sale process as an opportunity to collectively prepare for leadership transition and plan for the future success of the business. We want you to get comfortable with us, our approach and our strategy for your company and employees.


Adirondack is dedicated to making the sale process as seamless as possible. Our experience buying and running small to medium sized businesses allows us to anticipate and address issues early, enabling a smooth sale process. Adirondack has capital ready to invest, and we are committed to closing a transaction as quickly as possible, generally within 60 to 75 days of signing a letter of intent.


Adirondack's operational experience enables owner-operators to transition out of day-to-day operations in as little as 30 days after closing. We bring day-to-day management, capital, and a board of directors dedicated to the ongoing success of your business. This approach offers unique advantages compared to other liquidity alternatives, minimizing the risk to the organization while providing stability and opportunity for employees.


Value-driven growth

Investment Horizon




Growing small to medium sized businesses



Full-time management & dedicated board of directors

Transaction Structures

Flexible: tailored to owner's needs


Swift time to close

Importance of Employees

Critical: we screen for culture


Post-Sale Owner Involvement

Varies based on owner and company needs, ranging from complete exit to a combination of a board seat, ongoing consulting or an operating role


Learn more out our Firm, process, track record, and steps towards acquisition.

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