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ADK Lighting is a holding company created to acquire lighting manufacturers and related lighting companies. Our objective in the lighting industry is consistent with Adirondack's strategy:
to acquire and grow great businesses over the long-term.












Architectural and Commercial Applications Focus

Adirondack has invested in and is actively looking to acquire additional U.S. based companies in the LED lighting industry. We prefer companies targeting architectural and commercial applications, including those involving circadian lighting and IoT connectivity.

Certifications-Based and Lighting Ecosystem Niches 

We also have interest in companies focused on vertical markets including:

Aviation  |  Healthcare  |  Rugged & Hazardous |  Underwater

As well as lighting ecosystem companies involved in:

Measurement  |  Software  |  Testing


LED Lighting manufacturers or related lighting companies should satisfy most of the following acquisition criteria.


Product Line "Add-on" Acquisitions

As part of our lighting industry strategy, we also are looking for smaller, "add-on" acquisitions to help expand our current lighting investments through product-line and geographic expansion. These companies should have revenue between $2 to $12 million. 

Product themes of interest include: 

Custom  |  Linear  |  Specification

While we will look at any U.S. based lighting manufacturer, geographies of particular interest include: 

East Coast  |  Texas |  Western U.S.

Contact Us

Inquiries regarding potential companies that may be a fit with ADK Lighting's strategy can be directed to:

Target Revenue

$5 - $30 million​ for "platform" acquisitions

$2 - $12 million for "add-on", product line acquisitions

  • Architectural

  • Commercial

  • High-End Residential

  • Special Certifications

Owner & Staff
  • Owner Role is Flexible

  • Looking to Keep All Employees

  • Positive Culture A MUST

Product Themes
  • Linear

  • Customizable

  • Specification-Grade

  • UL Listed Preferred, not required


Headquartered in the US, although looking to add shipping locations in:

  • East Coast

  • Western US

  • Texas

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